Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank you for your patience. We will now return to our regularly scheduled broadcasting.

Hi there.

Its me.

Miss me?

I've missed you. And you look good. I mean, really, really GOOD. Have you gotten your hair done? A personal trainer?

Well, something sure has changed.


Oh, me. I'm fine.

Married now.

Yep, can you believe it? Me? Married! I'm someone's wife. Yes, it is odd. Thank you for pointing that out.

No, I haven't tried the "barefoot and pregnant" thing yet. You'll be the first to know.

Well, it was nice catching up with you.

Thanks for popping by.

Excuse me? What was that? Oh! Yes! As a matter of fact, I do come here often, so maybe I'll see you around here again soon.

[Hugs and kisses]



Deborah W said...

Welcome back! I hope to see frequent postings from now on. Love, Deb

Jessica said...

KLo....LOVE it!